Our Mission

Evolving Voice is a social enterprise born out of a desire to live more purposefully and create kinder spaces through meaningful communication.

Our Approach

Evolving Voice creates and curates sustainable products and life tools which spark, foster, and celebrate our personal evolution.

Our Values

To attain personal growth, We value incremental changes through daily reminders. We are committed to practicing empathy and embracing curiosity, even on days when we’re tired, dejected, fed up, or are just busy and existing on auto-pilot.

What Motivates Us

The world is messy – while it’s not always possible to live in ideal circumstances, you have the power to choose how to react. If you answer yes to any of these questions, Evolving Voice may help you..

– Do I feel anger or frustration when someone doesn’t understand me?

– Do I feel my heart beating faster and my voice getting louder when someone challenges me or my viewpoint?

– Do I make snap judgements before listening to everything a person has to say?

Evolution is the Solution

Evolved Conversations help us grow and learn about others as well as ourselves. They add richness to our lives & relationships.

But conversations often include different viewpoints. So how are Evolved Conversations possible? By focusing on the below tenets…

– Always Speak with Love (Evolution begins with the word LOVE spelled backwards after all!)

– Focus on changes you can make rather than trying to change others

– Remember that gradations exist, most things are not black and white

– Ask yourself what values are present – both yours and others

Our Impact

We believe teaching human centric skills is important in all stages of life, from kids to adults we never stop learning.
A portion of our sales goes to The Felix Organization
An awesome non-profit that gives kids in Foster Care experiences to develop healthy interpersonal skills.
We volunteer at their camps & events as well as help with fundraising and donations.